Everything You Need to Know Before Lifting Your Offroad Rig


  • Nate

    • There’s no metal in my eyes! 
    • Had a relaxing holiday, back to work now… 

  • Tammy

    • Minnesota no ice on lakes

    • Ate cactus

    • Was going to go snow bashing but no snow

Main Topic

What to expect when lifting your rig

  • Kit, vs custom

  • Should you install the lift, or have a shop do it?

  • Snowball effect…

    • Drivelines

    • Tires

    • Gearing

    • Speedometer

    • Brake lines

    • Steering geometry

    • Alignment

    • Negative driving characteristicsC Gussets

    • Miles per gallon

    • Garage Clearance

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Question from New Jeeper: “Hi, you mention driving with one foot on brake and the other on gas. With a manual transmission, how would I do in basic. New to this, seeking tips. Thanks!”


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