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9/11 never forget

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Do you really need all that trail gear? 

  • Guest David, recently removed his tent to take a solo overland trip. Hear his thoughts.
  • Nate Carries (just in the cargo area)

    • full toolbox

      • small prybar

      • ¼” socket set

      • ⅜” socket set

      • ½” socket set

      • ½” breaker bar 

      • ⅜” breaker bar

      • “Sway pal” (i don’t even have a sway bar disconnect)

      • various vice grips and pliers

      • misc tools that came in handy that one time…

    • ammo can with mre’s

    • ammo can with spare nuts and bolts

    • ammo can with several sized c-clamps

    • recovery bag

    • air bag 

      • air impact gun

      • air hose

      • tire repair stuff

      • tire fill gear

    • tool bag with a million wrenches

    • additional ½” socket set

    • additional ¼” and ⅜” socket set 

    • hi-lift

Camping gear do without. Headlamp, multi-purpose tool

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