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  • Nate’s Trip to Bantam

    Nate’s Trip to Bantam

    Chat Tammy’s Engine Update   Find us at: Instagram offroadinsiders Email: offroadinsiders AT Main Topic Bantam trip report What is Bantam? Trip out, and day 1 (Friday) Got started a little later, but its roughly a 4:30 drive, so we weren’t in too much of a rush. I am always super paranoid…

  • TNT Customs – Mastering Your Terrain

    TNT Customs – Mastering Your Terrain

    Chat Nate Some work on the D60, knuckles are off, shafts are out Off to bantam this weekend! Tammy Jeep’s going under the knife for a heart transplant!   Find us at Contact us at offroadinsiders at   Community Corner OnX Offroad build challenge is in full swing, they’ve started with the contestant…

  • Skid Plate Central: The Off-Roader’s Defense

    Skid Plate Central: The Off-Roader’s Defense

    Chat Nate Picked up some door hinge liners for the JKU… Not to be out-done by Tammy. 😉 Tammy: Speaking of Door Hinge Liners ! need to vent!!! Galvanic corrosion: Ordered a case-spreader for the D60’s Tammy Go Topless Day – Use sunscreen Tailgate table Testing out a new Bushcraft Chef Knife…