Eating well on the trail – Episode 5


Nate was in Vegas, for boring reasons, saw a cool electric desert racer


Tammy went to Yellowstone with her son.

Main Topic

  • Trail Food

    • Food while guiding (nate)

      • I like to keep things simple when I am guiding.  I like to have as few things to think about outside of making sure the group is having a good time. 

      • Protein bars

      • Pretzels

      • Hydrate

        • But not too much

      • Usually a pre-made sandwich from a gas station or grocery store

      • My health probably suffers.  😛 

    • Food for a general day on the trail

      • Handy snacks like pre-packaged candy if the kids are along.

      • Sometimes we’ll bring lunchmeat and bread or rolls and have a make-your-own sandwich on the trail kinda lunch

      • MRE’s

  • Camp Food

    • Pie irons for great little snacks around the camp fire

    • The old standby, marshmallows

      • And gram crackers and chocolate! 

    • A cast iron dutch oven is a very versatile campfire cooker

    • Black Forest Trail Oven Link –

    • Prep ahead of time / Cleaning

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Date: 9/11/2023

Topic: Do you really need all that camping gear ????

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