Finding a trustworthy Mechanic


  • Tammy

    • Under the Sun Grille Insert

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    • Truss is here!

    • Ordered a bunch of consumables, new grinding hood, respirator filters, plasma cutter consumables, cutting discs, and a new port-a-band! IT IS ON!


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Community Corner

  • The onx offroad build challenge is starting up again

  • Footage from the Offroad games is starting to surface.

Main Topic

Finding a trustworthy mechanic for your off-road needs

    • I’ve seen people bring in things others have worked on.

    • Be wary of used car lots. We had a car brought in the needed work. It was submerged in water. Another one just last week. All the plastic underneath was gone. You can tell it was in an accident.

    • Documents – Business license, sales tax license, insurance

    • Check the Secretary of States Office – online

    • Reviews

    • Ask locals

    • Court records – public info

    • Signed detailed estimate

    • ASE Certified

    • Business several years

    • Fleet cars


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