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  • Tammy

    •  I’ve been Ducking Jeeps. Part of the marketing campaign at TNT Customs. It got the attention of local news stations and radio stations. Now I’m seeing it finally getting National headlines at the Wall StreetJournal and Fox news as well as a prominent Radio personality in the DC area talked about it last week.

    • Took my first scenic-by-way on Wyoming Snowy Range Road. 2nd scenic byway in the US in 1988, Second highest pass in Wyoming. There’s a lake up there Lake Marie named after the first woman to be elected to the Wyoming Legislature in 1910. She played a huge role in the woman’s right to vote. Did you know Wyoming allowed women the right to vote before the rest of the country. I also stopped by the Hobo Hot Springs in Saratoga Wy. HOT!!! This Thursday I will upload my Top 5 Tips for wheeling in the mud. Could be a topic for the show maybe get some mud wheelers to interview.

  • Nate:

    • Fuel pump project has snow-balled.  

      • Metalcloak gas tank skid https://tntcustoms.com/product-category/jeep-lj/skid-plates-jeep-lj/

      • Genright fuel pump access door

    • Tried out that off-road mechanic simulator game!

Main Topic


Off Road Recovery Gear Must Haves

Tammy: I have attended several off-road classes over the years. With Kyle from OffRoad Consulting in PA,  Jon with NORA 4×4 (Northeast off-road adventures) in New York and Charlene Bower with Ladies Off road Network. 

Off-road Consulting – https://offroad-consulting.com/

NORA 4X4 – https://www.nyoffroaddriving.com/

Ladies Off-road Network – https://www.ladiesoffroadnetwork.com/

  • Recovery Strap vs Tow Rope – 

    • You should have a good quality recovery strap. 

    • Make sure it’s a recovery strap not a tow strap. There is a difference. The recovery straps are designed for the rigors of pulling out a stuck vehicle, a tow strap is designed for flat towing.

    • Static load vs dynamic or shock load.

    • Load Rating When selecting recovery straps, it is crucial to consider the weight of your vehicle. The breaking strength of recovery straps should be at least twice the maximum weight of your vehicle to ensure safe towing.

    •  For instance, if your Jeep weighs 5,000 pounds, you should choose recovery straps that have a breaking strength of over 10,000 pounds.

  • Tree Saver

    • Load Rating  The rating of 12,000 kg on the ARB Recovery tree trunk protector indicates its capacity to withstand a load of 12,000 kilograms or approximately 26,000 pounds. This protector is designed to be used in conjunction with a winch and pulley block. When using a winch, it is important to note that the winch capacity can be doubled when a pulley block is used. For instance, a 10,000-pound winch can potentially pull up to 20,000 pounds. Hence, the 12,000 kg (26,000 lbs) tree trunk protector is a suitable choice as it allows for a safe margin by doubling the winch capacity.

  • Soft Shackles vs Shackles (D-Ring)

    • Load Rating When it comes to shackles or D-rings used for vehicle recovery, it is essential to only use load-rated ones. These shackles will have a working load limit (WLL) or safe working load (SWL) stamped onto them. It is recommended to use shackles with a rating of at least 3.25 tons (3,250 kg) as a minimum requirement for attaching one end of a strap. However, for applications such as tree trunk protectors where two ends of the strap are fitted in the shackle, it is more suitable to use shackles with a rating of 4.75 tons (4,750 kg) as they have a larger eye.

    • When securing the shackle pin, it is important not to over-tighten it. Excessive forces exerted on the shackle during vehicle recovery can cause the pin to seize. The correct method is to tighten the pin until it seats and then back it off approximately a quarter turn.

  • Gloves

  • Shovel (I have never used a shovel for recovery)

  • Colby Valves (Discount Code: Jeep Momma)

  • Snatch Block

  • Tow Points on your Vehicle Two are Best

  • Winch

  • Chain saw

  • Hi-Lift and bottle jack 

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From the jeep community

And an update: https://www.reddit.com/r/Wrangler/comments/14zmpws/i_know_a_lot_of_you_wanted_an_update_on_my_4xe/ 


Officials at Jeep say it can be pronounced  Will-Us or Will-ies. They have found videos from back in the day where officials pronounced it both ways. 

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