Episode 01 – Nice to meet you!


  • Tammy just got home from an overlanding trip on the Oregon trail! 
  • Nate went to the Bantam heritage jeep festival last weekend with his family. 

Main Topic


  • Who is Tammy? I bought my first Jeep Wrangler in 2013, trading my mini-van in for the Jeep. I had no idea about off roading but it eventually became my passion. I have been on quite a journey since that day wheeling my Jeep all over the US. Now my journey has led me to Wyoming and I work at TNT Customs, a Jeep parts manufacturer. During part of that journey I learned a lot of tough life lessons. I wrote about them in my book I published on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/author/tammylforsyth You can follow me at my blog www.JeepMomma.com 
  • Who is Nate? Nate has been wheeling since straight out of high school, late-90’s.  First with an old s-10 blazer, and then he bought his first Jeep.  He’s owned a jeep ever since.  Three YJ’s, an XJ, three JK’s and now an LJ.  He runs http://www.swbcrawler.com, and the swbcrawler Youtube channel.  

What to expect from this show

  • What is this show going to be about?
    • Nate went on about some techno-babble and why that’s formed his opinions on sharing information on the internet.  
    • This show is meant to focus on people, and community
    • We’ll also cover happenings and news.


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