Leading on the trails


  • Tammy

    • moving a manufacturing shop, learning to be a service writer

  • Nate

    • koh!

      • JP gomez took the crown

      • kyle chaney in a freaking can am came in second

      • live stream was fun but i’m a little disappointed by the behavior

    • Still fighting this shoulder

    • Setting myself a goal to get started on these dang axles as soon as my shoulder will let me. Keep my accountable folks! 😀



Main Topic

Leading the trails, Tips for being an off-road trail guide.

  • In general

    • First time? Dont panic!

    • Ensure Safety and enjoyment

    • Possibly share “fun facts” about the trails

    • Carry first aid / fire extinguisher

    • Tread lightly principles

    • Long time wheeler? Remember the actual wheeling is only part of the job

    • Some distinction

      • Are you leading strangers? Or your buddies?

        • This list assumes youre leading strangers.

  • Responsibilities

    • Know where you’re going

      • Even if I know the park, I use trail maps all day long.

        • Maprika is great for some

        • OnX, trails off-road, whatever is accurate in your area

    • Know the trails well enough to advise folks

    • Know the capabilities of the vehicles in your group

      • And try to judge the temperature of the drivers

        • Are they looking for a challenge

        • Are they looking for an easy day in the woods

        • Do they have experience

  • Driver meeting

    • Be open and talk about you a little, who you are, what youre driving, what sort of experience you bring. Dont brag.

    • Try to loosen up the group if they need it.

      • Ask about their experience level

      • Auto vs manual

      • Vehicles

      • Where they are from

      • Electric vehicles?

      • This is both about learning about the group, and about getting the group used to talking to each other.

  • On the trails

    • To 4-low or not to 4-low

    • Keep the group together

    • Keep communications active

    • Make sure everyone knows youve got their back if they need it

    • Keep attentive to folks needs. This means food, bathroom breaks, kids who have been crammed in the back of a vehicle all day.



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